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“Trauma Comes Back As A Reaction, Not A Memory.”-Bessel Van Der Kolk

Ketamine has been used for many decades as a safe anesthetic in most Emergency Rooms and battlefields, as it has no effects on decreasing your heart rate or respiration. There is new scientific evidence that has found ketamine to be an effective therapy for many mental health and pain disorders. The doses that are used for mood and pain disorders are minimally sedating. While you do not need a referral from your mental health provider, it is recommended that ketamine therapy is paired with talk therapy. The neuro-physical benefit of ketamine coupled with spiritual, emotional, and cognitive therapy will make the benefits that much greater.

Dr. Bramwell became interested in this use of ketamine to treat her own battles with depression. She has a personal connection to this therapy and special empathy for anyone who has experienced this medical problem.


Oral Ketamine consults are done via telehealth. The medication is taken in the comfort of your home.

IV Ketamine is done in our office in Montville, NJ.


Recently a celebrity, Matthew Perry, was found dead in his hot tub. He fought a decades old battle with alcohol and drug addiction. He was found to have ketamine along with numerous psychiatric medications in his bloodstream at the time of his autopsy. Ketamine was erroneously called as the cause of death when in actuality it was drowning that was the cause of death. It is also possible that his was an intentional suicide. Oral ketamine and polypharmacy is never meant to be taken in a risky setting such as a hot tub where there would be a risk of drowning if the medicine was abused and taken in overdose quantities. One of the wonderful things about ketamine is that it does NOT suppress vital signs. Ketamine does not lower heart rate, blood pressure, or respirations in doses for mental health use. Ketamine, used in appropriate settings, in appropriate doses, has helped millions of people overcome mental illness and drug/alcohol addiction. The tragic case of Matthew Perry is a reminder that all medications, when abused, can cause harm or death. However, when used appropriately, as medicine, ketamine has the power to give glimpses into the spiritual realm, which has tremendous healing potential. The benefits greatly outweigh the risks.

Your blood pressure, heart rate, and pulse oximeter reading is measured during the duration of your IV ketamine session. If you are prescribed oral ketamine, you are required to have a "sitter" for the duration or a therapist in your presence.

“The Body Remembers What The Mind Forgets”.

Past traumas can manifest as mood and physical disorders. We must deal with the effects of these past traumas in order to heal. I especially love the book, The Body Keeps the Score by Bessel Van Der Kolk MD.

Ketamine has found a new use as a treatment option for many treatment-resistant conditions. Conditions that may benefit from ketamine therapy include the following:


Bipolar Disorder

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Chronic Pain Syndrome

Complex Regional Pain Disorder (CRPD)

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome


Neuropathic Pain


Headaches, Migraine

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

How Soon Will I See A Difference?

Infusion protocols are 40 minutes per session. Induction therapy consists of six treatments done over a 3 or 4-week time span. Many people feel improvement from just one or two treatment sessions. Most people feel significant improvement after the third treatment. The wonderful news about ketamine is that you feel the benefits immediately after you leave our office. People describe a lifting of their depression, a lessening of physical pain, a slight euphoria, and overall optimism.

Depression, anxiety, PTSD, and pain are all due to past traumas. Ketamine alters the brain chemistry such that negative feelings and sensations are diminished. However, ketamine therapy works best when used in conjunction with the mainstream therapies of talk, spiritual, and cognitive therapy. You must deal with your past traumas in order to heal your mental and physical health. Ketamine facilitates this healing but it is only one of the pieces of the overall puzzle.


The protocol consists of six one-hour treatments given over a 3 week time span and then as needed for maintenance.

Cost is $400 per treatment for IV ketamine. The one-time physician consult is $200.

Oral ketamine pricing is $200 for the initial consult with physician follow-up appointments every 2, 4, and 6 weeks, $150 each, plus the cost of oral medication $75-200 per 6 doses.

We will perform a baseline evaluation of your pain and/or mood scale. We use specialized software to monitor your progress so we have objective data to guide the treatments.

You will need a ride home from our office after the IV ketamine infusion. We do not allow anyone to drive themselves home.

Cost Of Therapy

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IV Ketamine therapy is not covered by insurance. We charge $400 per 40 minute infusion. In-office time is up to two hours inclusive of this cost. Health insurance does not cover ketamine therapy.

The fee for the initial consultation with the medical director is $200. Follow up appointments for medication management are $150 for clients electing to continue with oral medication.  Prices are subject to change. Oral ketamine medication is paid directly to the pharmacy and ranges $75-200 for 6 doses.

The cost of ketamine therapy is an investment, but it is actually a cost-benefit when you consider the time and money it takes to use conventional medicine which takes months to work, if it works at all. You will know in one to three sessions if ketamine works for you. Booster protocols are weekly or monthly, and some protocols are as needed.

At home oral Ketamine therapy is available in Arizona and New Jersey. We also recommend ketamine assisted psychotherapy with Leland Newman LCSW, Beth Haessig Psy. D.,  Sandra Sinicropi LCSW, Rachel Sicherman LCSW, Nick Fonarev LCSW, or Lara Donahue LCSW.

Potential Side Effects

Ketamine is generally safe and well-tolerated. We use standard doses that result in mild sedation. Most unpleasant sensations can be mitigated by slowing the infusion rate and lowering the dose. All sessions are closely monitored with a continuous pulse oximeter device and blood pressure cuff.  Dr. Bramwell supervises the duration of IV therapy. Bloodwork is generally not required but may be requested. Possible adverse reactions to Ketamine include:

Increase in blood pressure and/or heart rate/ head ache and/ or dizziness (We can administer anti-hypertensive medicine to troubleshoot this)

Sense of disassociation which means feeling disconnected from yourself, disconnected from feelings, thoughts, space, or time (this is a “good” side effect. This is one of the goals of therapy)

Unpleasant emotional reaction (Ketamine may bring out past trauma and this occurrence is a step towards your recovery because past traumas need to be purged and dealt with. The word depression means “pushing down” your emotions. Your emotions need to come to the surface in order for you to heal.)

Sleepiness and Sedation

Head pain and/or dizziness

Nausea and Vomiting (We can give you an anti-nausea medicine to prevent this)


Diarrhea or constipation, indigestion

Arm discomfort, bruising, infiltration

Recommended Mental Health Practitioners

Sandra Sinicropi L.C.S.W


Rachel Sicherman L.C.S.W. (973)221-8806

Leland Newman L.C.S.W. (551)579-3656

Beth Haessig, Psy. D (973)800-9833

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Dr. Julia & Invest in My Health, just wonderful

The whole process of working with Dr. Julia was wonderful. Both the setting and Dr. Julia are totally comforting and gentle, and my experience was absolutely rewarding. I started my journey unmotivated and depressed. After several ketamine sessions and with her warm guidance, I’ve so much better. The ketamine experience is hard to describe but for me, it was mind-expanding and completely positive.

The world feels much brighter now.
Thank you, Dr. J!


Best Relief from Chronic Depression

I have been prescribed a variety of anti-depressants and without questions, Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy has been the only thing to relieve my chronic suicidal ideation. As someone who has never experimented with recreational drugs, I was very skeptical to try Ketamine but had also become rather desperate to be alleviated from the impact of depression and C-PTSD. In the first treatment, I experienced significant relief from chronic pain. After the third treatment, I started to notice subtle relief from my most depressed thoughts. And that relief has continued with periodic Ketamine treatments.

Dr. Julia is Amazing! She is conscientious, attentive, and very well-educated in her craft. I have complete faith in her treatment recommendations, and feel very much like we are “teamed together” to help me feel better.


Importance of “set and setting”

After searching for clinics that offer Ketamine treatment, I’m so grateful to have chosen Dr. Julia Bramwell.

Ketamine treatments induce an altered state of consciousness, which can leave one in a pretty vulnerable state. Therefore, set & setting is very important. In my sessions, I felt so comforted and supported by Dr. Julia, she is clearly passionate about helping others who are struggling with mental health issues. She has the optimal balance of being patient and empathetic with the support of her medical knowledge and general intelligence. I genuinely believe that her presence and the atmosphere was a significant influence in my healing process.

I have been struggling with anxiety and panic attacks, as well as trying to navigate big life changes. Ketamine has been helpful by giving me the space to “take a step back” from my thoughts, in a way, and allowing me to see the fear from a different perspective. It’s also allowed me to experience more calm states of being, which I’ve taken with me moving forward. I’ve definitely felt a difference after only a few sessions, with my anxiety becoming much less present, and more manageable. I’m now looking forward to the changes in my future more than being afraid of them.

I can’t emphasize enough how important the “container” is for these kinds of treatments, and Dr. Julia provides such a safe and accommodating space. If I need more support in my mental health journey in the future, I will be coming back to Dr. Julia 🙂


Dr Julia Bramwell has been amazing on my emotional and spiritual journey!

From the first time I spoke with Dr. Julia I could instantly feel her passion and love for the work that she does. She took her time with me and I felt safe and comfortable. She takes the time to listen and is very present during our sessions. I leave feeling seen and heard.

Ketamine has been helpful in going deeper into my psyche where talk therapy was not able to permeate. While using ketamine, I instantly connect with a deep, deep, universal love, that is so overwhelming and beautiful. It takes my breath away. I am fearful in certain situations, and while under the influence of ketamine, I am able to witness my mind without reacting and in that place I have been able to heal some of my fears around control/lack of and claustrophobia.

I immediately felt a shift with my first ketamine session and subsequent sessions have really helped to develop a muscle memory.

Dr. Julia has been assisting me on my ketamine journey, and I am grateful for her knowledge and expertise and her compassion. I do not feel like a number with her. I feel like she is genuinely concerned about my health, well-being, and, my growth.

Thank you Dr. Julia 🙂


Ketamine changed my life!

I have been struggling with depression for over 10 years and have been in therapy for most of this period. As well, I have been recently dealing with the suicide of my brother. I am currently working with an IFS therapist who mentioned Ketamine and how it could possibly help me, so I decided to try it out. I had seven ketamine infusion sessions with Dr. Julia over the span of approximately 2 months, and can honestly say that it has been life changing in the most amazing way! Being under the influence of Ketamine is like nothing I have ever experienced. Because of its dissociative effects, there is a feeling of being disconnected from reality and an altered perception. I experienced distortions in my perception of space, and felt as if I was floating through different dimensions. I had feelings of connecting with the universe, a deep knowing that I am ok and just an overall sense of peace and contentment. It is hard to describe it all, and this is just a small iota of what I experienced. At times I tried to go into a session with some intention in order to tap into a part that I may have been focused on in therapy, but for the most part I saw that letting go and just flowing worked best for me. In each session we increased the dosage a little, which deepened the effect.

I can honestly report that within just a few sessions I was able to see a change in myself. I found myself more joyful and present – this is something that I yearned for and tried to achieve but was never able to do so. It is as if something opened up and it is simply a wonderful feeling. I have a more relaxed sense in my day to day, things are more beautiful, colorful and lighter.

My close circle knows that I have undergone this treatment and have all reported a difference in me. And even some friends who I have not seen in a while, and did not know about the treatment, noted that something was different about me, as if I looked lighter.

I highly recommend integrating Ketamine treatment with IFS therapy – specifically IFS. I have worked with other modalities but IFS is different and really works for me. It is a form of psychotherapy that focuses on understanding and harmonizing the various parts of a person’s internal system – the parts that hold different emotions, beliefs or protective mechanisms. Ketamine can provide additional space making it easier to access and engage with these different parts. I scheduled my Ketamine treatments for the same day or the day before my therapy sessions and believe that this really facilitated my treatment.

Dr. Julia is just so special and I am so grateful to have found her, and am grateful that she has been part of my journey. She is genuinely compassionate and thoughtful and I felt like I was in the best hands possible.


My experience of KAP and Dr. Julia

“Dr Julia,” as she likes to refer to herself, recently became my KAP prescriber for ketamine assisted psychotherapy. I have the actual sessions with my local therapist who has trained extensively in psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy.

For me, a KAP session is more potent than a non-KAP therapy session. The ketamine, in deactivating the “default mode network,” essentially has the effect of anesthetizing the ego, so the underlying thoughts and beliefs that underlie my anxiety and trauma-based thinking are allowed to be expressed and explored without judgment or suppression. This, in turn, enables a somatic and emotional release to occur on a much greater scale than would normally be possible in a conventional psychotherapy session: I can more easily feel into the pain associated with an underlying belief and witness how it’s able to be released just by feeling it, rather than having it serve as a basis for self-doubt and rumination. I can go on, but that’s the main benefit for me – the ability to witness the link between my thoughts and emotions. Note that I’ve had probably around two dozen sessions since KAP’s legalization in NJ in May of 2022, and have done extensive work outside of my KAPs prior and concurrently. But for me, KAPs serve as a therapy accelerator, and have vastly increased my ability to self-regulate in face of everyday life’s challenges.

What I like most about Dr Julia is her personalized, human approach. She’s extremely supportive, responsive, and accommodating in a genuine way. I feel she truly cares about the wellness and healing of her patients, and can recommend her without reservation.


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