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What You Should Know About IV Vitamin And Peptide Therapy

How much does vitamin therapy cost?

The price of an infusion containing hydration and vitamins starts at $175.

The average cost of a more custom infusion containing vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and glutathione (a wonderful anti-oxidant) is $200 to $400 depending on the components. The most common infusion is $275 for B vitamins, B12, Vitamin C, and glutathione.  There are custom infusions that may cost more depending on complexity. We also offer intramuscular injections which are beneficial to overall health such as B12, taurine, M.I.C. C.(methionine, inositol, choline, carnitine), and high dose Vitamin D. This price is $30 per intra-muscular injection.

I take vitamins. Why would I benefit from an IV drip infusion?

We absorb only a small fraction of orally ingested vitamins. Larger doses of vitamins and minerals can irritate the gut and cause unpleasant side effects. Furthermore, many people have an unhealthy digestive tract that cannot properly absorb nutrients from food or supplements. Our food supply is increasingly void of nutrients. Our environment is increasingly more toxic to our body causing illness and stress, which requires help from infused nutrients to detoxify and recover. Lifestyle stress further depletes our building blocks. IV infusion is an effective and efficient means to restore these deficiencies.

How often do you recommend receiving IV drip therapy?

The answer to this depends on what the goal of the infusion is. Many people seek out an immediate fix for an acute ailment such as hangover, dehydration, stomach virus, or sports depletion. In these cases, one treatment may suffice. For people with more chronic micronutrient depletion or chronic illness, it may take more time and more treatments to optimize the body. You likely developed deficiencies over a long time and sometimes it takes a commitment of time and energy to restore and optimize your health. 

What are the possible side effects of IV drip therapy?

IV drip therapy involves the discomfort of a needle stick. While the procedure is safe and comfortable for most people, it is possible to have burning at the injection site, bleeding, infection, or IV infiltration which means that the vitamin infusion leaks outside of the vein. There may be allergic reactions although we minimize this risk by offering only preservative-free components. These complications are usually mild or rare and IV therapy is considered a safe procedure. 

Will a physician evaluate me prior to starting infusion therapy?

You will be asked to fill out a medical history and consent form that is emailed to you after you book a visit. You will be asked a series of medical questions that include your medications and supplements. Dr. Bramwell will review this information to make sure it is safe for you to undergo IV infusion therapy.  The duration of the IV infusion is monitored by a registered nurse or Dr.Bramwell. 

What is the aftercare for IV drip therapy?

You can go about your day as planned after infusion therapy. It is good to continue staying well hydrated by drinking water.  Most people feel good, are more energetic, and overall have a better sense of well-being and stamina. However, in certain medical conditions, there may be an initial feeling of fatigue, muscle aches, or chills due to the body assimilating the nutrients and possibly releasing endotoxins from the stress of getting a dose of nutrients. Unpleasant sensations are usually short-lived and you will soon feel better.

Does insurance cover this?

Unfortunately, this therapy is not covered by insurance companies. Insurance companies consider this as not a medically necessary therapy.  Insurance companies don’t cover many things that are beneficial to a person’s health and therefore we do not work with them. 

Do I need blood work prior to starting therapy?

IV nutrient therapy is safe for most people without having baseline blood work. However, if you have a medical condition such as heart disease or liver disease, or a history of any sort of electrolyte imbalance, kidney disease, or diabetes, baseline blood work is recommended. If you are interested in understanding your biochemistry as it pertains to micronutrients, gut health, and hormones, you can opt to perform blood testing via Vibrant America labs.  This step is optional but does provide much information.  A lab fee is paid directly to the lab. Micronutrient blood testing starts at $360, plus a phlebotomy fee of $100.

For Peptide therapy, blood work is recommended to check your baseline HbgA1C (hemoglobin A1C) so improvements can be monitored. Thyroid panel is required prior to starting tirzepatide/semaglutide.

I am interested in offering IV drip therapy at my event, party, or sporting event? Is this something you can provide?

The staff at Invest in My Health may consider your location and circumstances and partner with you to offer mobile IV drip infusions, on location, to people attending your event. Each person will need to review a one-page medical history and consent form prior to infusion. A travel fee may be charged.

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In Summary…

IV Vitamin drip Therapy helps you improve your overall health and wellness.

Peptide therapy is a form of preventive medicine and wellness that is rapidly gaining popularity due to its safety and efficacy.

NAD+ is a wonderful adjunct therapy for healthy aging, Parkinson’s Disease, addiction recovery, and memory health.

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IV ketamine has scientifically proven benefits for treatment-resistant depression, PTSD, and pain syndromes.

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I started Invest in My Health Corp. because I wanted to help myself and people like you in similar situations who are struggling to optimize their health because of less-than-ideal medical care from traditional medicine. My goal was to start my own business where I could use my decades of clinical experience and knowledge to benefit my client’s health. I wanted to have a setting where I could partner with my clients to find suitable options that catered to their needs.

I currently offer the capability to prescribe peptide therapy for weight loss, body composition improvement, joint health, immunity, and energy rejuvenation. I also provide IV vitamin drip therapy that is helpful for many conditions. Additional treatments include IV NAD+ therapy for healthy aging, mood disorders, sports, illness, and substance abuse recovery, as well as IV ketamine therapy for treatment-resistant depression, PTSD, and pain syndromes. I look forward to giving you the best quality of care and going on this health journey with you! Happy healing, Dr. Julia.

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