Specialized Blood Testing

We are affiliate providers of specialized lab tests.

  • For Hormone or micronutrient testing through Vibrant labs, select "Book Specialized blood testing" tab below and choose your blood panel kit on the WellzPro website


  • For Precision Blood testing with Self Decode kit, click the link below


  • For Biologic Age/ TruAge through TruDiagnostics , go to Drop-down menu, select the shopping cart>Diagnostic tests

Specialty lab testing gives you more information regarding your specific deficits and needs. We offer Biologic age and biomarker testing through Trudiagnostics Labs (purchase from shopping cart on drop down menu).

We offer metabolic, hormone, and micronutrient testing through Vibrant America labs. Select the Specialty Blood testing tab to purchase your blood panel. Book a phlebotomy visit from the enclosed URL on the blood testing page. Test interpretation is included in the cost. Please note that there is a $45-110 phlebotomy fee (depending whether you go to the lab location or arrange a home visit) in addition to the blood panel kit.


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Receive personalized insights about your:

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